LivPure Contact Information: How to Get in Touch with the Company

LivPure, a trusted brand in the water purification industry, has gained recognition for its commitment to providing clean and safe drinking water through innovative water purifiers. Whether you’re a customer seeking assistance, a potential buyer with inquiries, or simply curious about LivPure’s products and services, knowing how to get in touch with the company is essential. In this comprehensive blog post, we will provide you with all the necessary contact information to connect with LivPure, ensuring that you have a direct line to their support and assistance.

Why Contact LivPure?

Before we dive into the contact details, it’s important to understand why you might want to get in touch with LivPure. Here are some common reasons:

  1. Product Information: If you’re interested in learning more about LivPure’s water purifiers, their features, and how they work, contacting the company is a great way to get detailed information.
  2. Sales and Purchasing: If you’re considering purchasing a LivPure product or have questions about pricing, financing options, or where to buy, reaching out to LivPure can provide you with the answers you need.
  3. Technical Support: Customers who own LivPure water purifiers may require technical support or assistance with installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting.
  4. Service and Warranty: For inquiries related to product warranty, service requests, or the replacement of parts, contacting LivPure directly can expedite the process.
  5. Feedback and Reviews: If you have feedback, testimonials, or reviews about LivPure products and services, the company may appreciate your input.
  6. Complaints and Concerns: In the rare event that you encounter issues with LivPure products or services, contacting the company’s customer support can help address and resolve any concerns.

How to Contact LivPure

LivPure official offers various channels for customers and interested individuals to get in touch with the company. Below, you’ll find the essential contact information:

1. LivPure Customer Care Helpline:

LivPure’s customer care helpline is the primary point of contact for general inquiries, technical support, and service-related matters. You can reach out to their customer care team for assistance with LivPure products and services.

Customer Care Helpline Number: +91 93502 90210

Working Hours: The customer care helpline is available Monday through Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Indian Standard Time).

2. LivPure Official Website:

LivPure maintains an official website that serves as a valuable resource for product information, user manuals, FAQs, and more. You can visit their website to explore their product range and access helpful resources.

Website: LivPure Official Website

3. LivPure Email Support:

For non-urgent inquiries or if you prefer written communication, you can reach out to LivPure via email. Send your questions or requests to their official email address, and their team will respond to your query.

Email Address: [email protected]

4. LivPure Service Request Form:

If you require technical support, maintenance, or service for your LivPure water purifier, you can use the service request form available on their website. Fill out the required information, and LivPure’s service team will get in touch with you.

Service Request Form: LivPure Service Request Form

5. LivPure Corporate Office:

For corporate inquiries or if you wish to visit LivPure’s corporate office, you can find their office address below:

Corporate Office Address:

LivPure Private Limited Plot No. 221, Udyog Vihar, Phase-I, Gurugram, Haryana – 122016 India

6. LivPure Social Media:

LivPure maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. You can follow their official accounts and reach out to them through social media messaging or by leaving comments on their posts.

Social Media Links:

7. LivPure Customer Service Centers:

LivPure has a network of customer service centers and authorized service partners across India. These centers provide on-ground support for product installation, maintenance, and service requests. To locate a service center near you, visit the LivPure website’s service center locator.

Service Center Locator: LivPure Service Center Locator

Tips for Contacting LivPure:

  • When contacting LivPure, be clear and concise in your communication, providing all relevant details to assist the customer care team in addressing your query or concern effectively.
  • Keep records of your interactions with LivPure, including reference numbers for service requests or support tickets. This can be helpful for tracking the progress of your inquiry.
  • Be patient and respectful when communicating with LivPure’s customer support. They are dedicated to assisting customers and resolving issues to the best of their ability.


Knowing how to contact LivPure is essential for obtaining information about their products, seeking technical support, addressing service-related matters, or providing feedback. Whether you’re a LivPure customer or someone interested in their offerings, the provided contact information offers multiple avenues for reaching out to the company.

LivPure’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the provision of clean and safe drinking water is exemplified through their customer support channels. Feel free to utilize these resources to get the assistance you need or to learn more about LivPure’s water purifiers and related services.

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